20t Trucks by Remi Dussault
Untitled 13 by Robert Jones
Tree of Life by Eleanor Owen Kerr
Hidden Glow by Alejandro Zulas
40 Mph by Dave Sova
Scarecrow by Glenn Bering
Untitled 1 by Alana Taber
Stilled Life by Gerald Ratto
Origin by Charles
Lifeguard #3 by George E. Sperzel
Gondolas and Window by Harald Ingebrigtsen
Truck Interior by Jackie Schwiebert
Christ's Feet by Lynn Rae Fenimore
Lifeguard #2 by George E. Sperzel
Majestic by Lance Key
Barn Window by Jeremy Lindstrom
Miss Chicken by Heiner Pflug
Cosmic Blowout by Art Braitman
Untitled 2 by Laura Naylor
Toy Soldier by Jeremy Lindstrom
White on White by Katherine Clarkin
Lifeguard #4 by George E. Sperzel
Wood Ruins by Seyda Deligonul
Captured Courage by Cynthia Dumke
Got Paint by Ron Hugo
Bay Bridge & Farmer's Market by David Massolo
Torn Screen by Kim A. Holz
Tulip by Stefan Dziewanowski
Reflections #1 by Andy Brooks
Plaster Corner by Leonard Volk
Smart Women Never Miss by Jason Leath
Nocks Landing by Ron Hugo
A Visitor by Kim A. Holz
Boston Pipes by Leonard Volk
The Abare House by Patrick Miles Johnston
Boot by Veneta Zahaieva
Birth & Death by Andrew Effendy
Betts Cemetery by Ron Hugo
Decay by Sophie Abbott
Wickies Route by Vern Bartley
Pitchfork by Jeffrey Glasser
Untitled 14 by Wolfgang Stöger
Untitled by Stefan Dziewanowski
Slow Turning by Larry Blackwood
Ice Storm by Virginia S. Metevia
Eclectic 8 by Charles
Tanks & Sunflowers by Leonard Volk
Sea Shell by Virginia S. Metevia
Feet by Dustin Lamb
Untitled #3 by Steve Huth