Abandoned Bike by Susan B. Griffith
Glass Bowl by Brenda Lindfors
Untitled 5 by Chuck Kimmerle
Untitled 12 by Paul Sokal
Vase by Ron Draxler
Rusted Car One by Joshua Steven Lasinski
The Wall by Fabrizio Capsoni
Walking in Silence by Kim A. Holz
Untitled 3 by Robert Jones
Circuit Board Corner View by Megan Delaney
Industrial Strength Clean Up by Marj Green
Scarecrows Retreat by Stephen Hodgetts
Flying Horse by Heiner Pflug
Candlelit by Ivan Holguin
Untitled 3 by Brittney Cook
Dream House by Milicska Jalbert
Mother by Kim A. Holz
Photo 165 by Serge Plante
Door Beads by Ron Draxler
A Gun in Istanbul by Raymond van Tassel
Chairs in Moonlight by George E. Sperzel
Boot Stop by Justin VanAlstyne
Ice Shack by Mary Woodman
Waiting by Jeffrey Stoner
Ebner'sTrailer by David Wolfe
Silent Keys by Justin VanAlstyne
Appointment Needed by Charles F. Mason
Smiling Dumbster by Ed Perkins
Fishnet by Ron Draxler
Rip by Magnus Karlson
Cola Sign by Adrian Roland Davis
Resting by Babara House
Kentucky Studio by Kathryn Short
Engine 19 by Dennis Fritsche
Glassware and Doll Parts by Lee Grossman
Bike and Mural by Bill Bain
Nocturnal by Tamara Danoyan
Billboard by Dennis R. Ford
Plate of Shells by Kim A. Holz
Flight Plan II by Eleanor Owen Kerr
Armchair by Arthur Ransome
White Knob by Greg R. Hubbard
Wasteland by Arthur Ransome
Maine Winter by Robert Ivano
At the Santiago Cemetery by Domingo Batista
Lovers by Lance Key
Drying Corn by Jeffrey Glasser
Screaming Lead Sheet by Dave Sova
Afternoon by Kathryn Short
Dolls by Michael Axel