Ultra II by Dave Sova
Pillows by Carlos Rego
Saxus Island Culls by Ron Hugo
Time Stood Still by Stephen Hodgetts
Window Frame by Sophie Abbott
Jenny by Joshua Steven Lasinski
Time Capsule by Pierrot Jeannot
Italian Coffee Pot by Michael Merne
Celestial Cushion by Mary Woodman
Winter Bird Bath by Virgil DiBiase
Closed by Art Braitman
Tina's Contribution by Lee Grossman
Crash and Burn by Larry Blackwood
Untitled 5 by Daniel R. Schmidt
Barn Tools by Virgil DiBiase
Waiting on the Flightline by Larry Blackwood
Left Behind by Mary Tuggle
Pots and Pans by Marj Green
Store Window by Kathryn Short
Untitled 7 by Chuck Kimmerle
Untitled 17 by Tony Joseph
If I Wake by Elena Ehrenwald
Doll by Mariangela Bazzoni
Untitled 12 by Chuck Kimmerle
Michaelangelo Sculpture by Jeffrey Glasser
Forgotten by Alejandro Zulas
Brushed Seven by Stephan Kolb
9th Street Bridge by Gerald Dietrick
Tables and Chairs by Beth Forman
Doha Bicycles #3 by Steve Huth
Buttermere Angel by Jack Delmonte
Untitled 4 by Anne Scott
China Plates by Marj Green
Box Pews by Paul Wainwright
Stealing Cinderella by Daniel Powers
Flea Market Pee Wee by John W. Corry
English Gent by Stephen Hodgetts
In Thought by Kim A. Holz
Rice Paper by Izalia Concallo
Fixer-Upper by Charles
Passed Traditions by Noel MacDonald
Captiva Bridge by Richard Lotman Brown
Laocoon by Mr. Stevo
Warrior by Laura Bullock
Taking Off by Dennis Fritsche
Untitled 11 by Robert Jones
Old Barn by Brian DeWolf
Sculpture by John R. Ziemba
Cable Sculpture by Dave Sova
Morning Twist by Kaitlyn Vander Broek