Civil Piece by Lance Key
Sail by David E. Becker
Eternal Sleep by Kim A. Holz
Hashmark by Dave Sova
Untitled 2 by Sandro Glaettli
Saying Farewell by Paul C. Smits
Spoon of Remembrance by Elena Ehrenwald
Still Life With Acorns by Tatyana Bessmertnaya
Untitled 7 by Keith Harper
Web Pearls by Ron Hugo
Listening the Silence 2 by Kirill Surov
Hats for Sale by Ron Emmerling
Discarded by Arthur Ransome
Maple Sap Drop by John W. Corry
Peppers by Bob Miller
Docks by Joshua Steven Lasinski
Forbidden Fruit #3 by Mary Woodman
Peek a Boo by Lance Key
Untitled 2 by James Smolka
Left Bank Madonna by Charles F. Mason
Pipes & Valves by George W. Seitz
Reflections by Robert Schwiebert
Restroom by Robert McCall
Untitled 3 by Anne Scott
The Bridge Ahead by Brian DeWolf
Statue by Kevin Babcock
Vanity by Samantha Grad
Memory Crosses by Carlos Rego
White by Robert Ivano
Benches by Jacqueline Walters
Secret Garden by Peter Roth
Untitled 2 by Anne Scott
Skysweep by Richard Biemann
Lock & Latch by David R. Burton
Floats by Benno Auerbach
Untitled 2 by Keith Harper
Times Have Changed by Jamie Sequino
Forest Grave by Adrian Roland Davis
Steelies 01 by Clint Saunders
Doha Bicycles #2 by Steve Huth
Break by Peter Boyadjieff
Mannequins by John Morrow Jones
Sunday Breakfast by Marissa Lare
Glass Works by David E. Becker
Cemetery by Benno Auerbach
Untitled 12 by Robert Jones
Windmills by Bill Bain
Night in the Garden by Sanford Davis
Antithesis by John Muchow
Charged by Ed Perkins