Security by Norman Robins
Cloud Over Manzanar by Richard O'Neill
Time for Tea by Victoria Ruderman
Beachside Park Pier Through the Fog 1 by Ari Plosker
Autumn Invitation by Kay Beausoleil
Looking Down by Elizabeth Milward
Paper Boat by Jennifer Arce
Table in Shadow by Sandy Lloyd
Door #7 by Evan Plunkett
What Remains by Michael Stimola
Discarded by Michael Grimm
White Chair by Shaun Harvey
Side of Train Engine by Randy Weiner
Estrada De Ferro Oeste De Minas by Roberto Soares Gomes
Infrared Horse by William West, Jr.
Winding Road by Lou Fischer
Rescue by Rachel Ruderman
Mirror Too by Dennis Usdan
Medieval Woman by Tom Green
Untitled by Walter Johnson
Warden's Quarters by Ellen G. Ingram
Iced Railing by Alan Lemire
The Snuff by Shaun Harvey
Stone Steps by Bruce Forbes
Light on Stone by Farrell Scott