The Mount Washington Express by Sanford Davis
Warm Morning by Massimo Badolato
Froze N by Gregory P. Smith
Discarded by Diane Michaud Lowry
Refreshing Toothpaste by Jurgen Dopatka
Black Barbie by Mary Woodman
Reflections by Stuart Lieberman
Three Boats by Victoria Ruderman
Afloat in a Storm by Denise Dethlefsen
Tarp Study #167 by Tony Williams
Acadia 16 197 (2) by Ron Plumhoff
Broken Dreams by Lynne Schafer
The Bouquets by Massimo Badolato
As the Sparks Fly by Randy Weiner
Corner Space by Evan Plunkett
Abandoned Motel Sign by Randy Weiner
Circled Chamber Long Beach CA 2020 by Linda Morrow
Larry Brauer 1726 by Larry Brauer
The Loop by Tom B. Burgher
Suspended Labyrinth Abstraction by Christine Federici
Hidden Buddha by Arun Patel
Untitled #5 by Peter Madero III
Be Happy by Elizabeth Milward
Shopping Cart by Nicole Picard
Candle Looking at the Light by Marj Green
Anchored-5-1 by Samuel Brown
Alameda Window #1 by Christine Federici
Flower Pots by Norm Snyder
Damp Poster by Tom Green
He Hate Me by Wayne Palmer
White Cloth by Arlene Stanger
Left Behind by Tom Green
The Old Shed Behind My Aunt's house.Dubois PA.2015 by Christine Federici
Over Under by Karen Commings
The Watcher by David L. Robertson
Am I Next in Line by Bob Neiman
Meditation Nook by Virginia J. Mahan
The Gentle Storm by Edward Ries
The Dive by Eduardo Fuji
To Keep Vampires Out by Massimo Badolato
Volkswagons by Mitch Nelles
Private Parts by William West, Jr.
Mystery Woman by Marv Kaminsky
Bouny-Bas by Oliver Heckmann
Sprague Barn Eastern Washington 2018 by Douglas Hall
Igreja Negra by Roberto Soares Gomes
Window Light by Stephen K. Hall
Shadow Seedlings Long Beach by Linda Morrow
Corrado's Barber Shop by Nicole Picard
Gadget by Frederick Eckert