Glass V by Perry Resnick
Bucket and Tape by Hillary Greene-Pae
Windswept by Arlene Stanger
Princeton Welding Hands by Mitch Nelles
Church Wall by Marv Kaminsky
Junkyard Truck by Vira Sivachuk
Red Door by Brandon Saint Christopher Boothe
Wire #6 by Evan Plunkett
Lock 2 by Norman Robins
Contrabando Ruins by Terry Norman
Statuesque by Jerry Grasso
The Basket by Allan R. Lamb
#429 by Mary Woodman
The Detail #2 by Allan R. Lamb
Column by T. Brian Hager
Fade to White by Larry Mendenhall
The Lighthouse by Jenny Devine
The Fiddle #5 B&W Tenino Washington 2020 by Douglas Hall
Notice by Nicole Picard
Bait Bag by Mary Woodman
SIP 2020 SourDough by Curt Palm
Hat in Shadow by Stuart Lieberman
Archway and Stairs by Ann Ruderman
The Crooked Boardwalk by Mary Woodman
Shell by Bob Neiman
Drawing the Bath by Barbara Collister
The Aging Process Long Beach CA 2020 by Linda Morrow
Covid-19 Days in Geneva by Michael Merne
White Tile Bath by Walter Pinkus
Ma Biche by Carole Usdan
Water Wheel Close-Up by Marj Green
Ice Plant by Don Buelter
Time Vortex by Ellen G. Ingram
Abandoned Garage by Randy Weiner
Building Detail by Allan R. Lamb
Alone by Michael Grimm
Pointing Stripes by Evan Plunkett
Ship Crane by Jenny Arevalo
What Made Milwaukee Famous by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Return Carts Here by Karen Commings
Strong Foot by Jerry Kay
Untitled by Nicole Picard
Geometry of Power by Denise Dethlefsen
Lock 1 by Norman Robins
Three Brooms by Victoria Ruderman
Defined by Shadow by David L. Robertson
Still Life by Arlene Stanger
Rust Eye by Evan Plunkett
Remains of the Day by Diana Standing
Kiss My Ring by Elizabeth Milward