Ladder or Stairs by Marj Green
Searching by Bernard Werner
Rest Rooms by Jerry Grasso
Lines by Terry Norman
Climbing Vine by Marj Green
The View by Roger Beck
NY Taxi Window by Christine Federici
In the Corner by Shaun Harvey
Yacht Bumper by Allan R. Lamb
Cupola of St. Stephen's Basilica by Pei Ling Wu
Boat and Gull by Andrew Tershakovec
Tarp Study #200 by Tony Williams
Lathe by Leo Binns
Morning Fog by Charles Pere
Silver Shop Window by Michael Parvin
Rfk by Bill Sinkovich
Boardwalk Through the Field by Mary Woodman
Mirror Trees by Evan Plunkett
Yard Art by Jenny Arevalo
Untitled #12 by Peter Madero III
End of the Road by William Jackson
Bouys by Allan R. Lamb
A Simple Prayer by Christine Federici
Dad's Piano by T. Brian Hager
Celestial Gates by Elisabeth Groat
Mandala Long Beach by Linda Morrow
Ice by Dennis Usdan
Door #11 by Evan Plunkett
Lamp by Evan Plunkett
Sanctuary by Brandon Saint Christopher Boothe
Haze by Jessica Margo
The Nasby - Rediscovering the Past by Ellen G. Ingram
Two Vases in Black and White by Donna Parker
Alameda Window (Broken Heart) by Christine Federici
Dashboard During Coronavirus by Olya Gary
The Farm by Boris Keller
Umbrellas Resting by Kaye Carr Hargis
First Snow by Kay Beausoleil
Winchester by Scott Fowler
Rock Painting by Christine Federici
Chinese Tea House by Pei Ling Wu
Driftwood by Charles Pere
Vinyl Umbrella by Thomas M. Hoban
Window at Zamek Joannitow by Robert Woodward
Empty Tub by Al Crouch
Brute-Force Elegance by Larry Bean
Boat by Sandy Lloyd
Route 329 by Robert Poole
Glowing Tanker by Tom Green
Hot Balloon in a Cold Day by Sorin Costache