Passing Shadows 10 by Arkadiusz Kubisiak
Broadly Speaking 3 by Marie Keech
Seven Utterances by Lau Haaning
Shackleford Island Pony #4 by Jim McKinniss
One Day at a Time 12 by Grace Ho Pui Wan
Dead by Robert Woodward
Abandoned Jaguar by Gary Beeber
Frente La Inglaterra by Frank Villafane
September Aerial Observations Eleven by Alex Ferrone
HaiR 2 by Carole Usdan
Untitled 5 by Lu Zhang
Into Construction Site #5 by Dae Won Park
Church 10 by Roberto Soares Gomes
5. Virginia Truckee Train in Black and White by Garry Gay
Hazel Project 8 by Don Menges
Window of an Out of Business Restaurant by Richard C. Johnson
Old Cast Iron Heating Vent by Neil Leighton
Three Monoliths by Rich Harrison
Looking Around 1 by Jürgen Grade
Khane Valley 9 by Konstantin Markevich
Dance of the Lusitano by Mary Aiu
Botanical by Lee Grossman
Hokidachi Bonsai 1 by Donald Bolak
Untitled 1 by Beatriz Martinez
Man in Cloud by Jackson Nichols
Torso-Stone Landscape by Mary Woodman
Woman and Horse by Marc Nolin
Eiffel Curves by Christos Markou
Manhattan 1 by Eduardo Garcia
Beech and Birch 9 by Robert Daum
Swirls Surround by Gwen Solomon
Greetings by Roshni Adi Jokhi
Moscow. Southwest. A Car Repair Shop 1 by Anna Matveeva
Draper Corporation Mill 1 by James Hunt
A Supreme Love of Vinyl Records by Gene Dominique
Accident by Arvid Fimreite
Singing and Playing by Barry Rosof
Ghost Boy by Bruce Herman
Afton by Bill Lund
Tony and Friend by Gary Koenig
Untitled 3 by Mara Vodinelic
Gestures of Dance 10 by Saman Majd
If the Wig Fits... by Leonie Moreland
After Church by Ken Sklute
Nursing Home 5 by Cynthia P. Wilcox
Untitled 4 by Burt Allen Solomon
State Fair by Michael Knapstein
Jacaranda Tree by Stan Kuran
La Casbah by Jenny DeVine
Twin by Dennis Usdan