Human Trafficking Survivor Shirley by Matilde Simas
86th Street Girl by Fatforehead
Tamar by Vania Gabbay
Barn 8 by Terry Strayn
Hat-2 by Wesley Maye
2. Ash Tree II by Mio Akashi
Path by Steven Greenbaum
Full Extension by Marshall Gould
Lion 2 by AB Apana
Joel 1 by Ron Cooper
The Dressmaker by Jane Murphy
Dream Stream by David Martin
Across Mongolian Landscape 9 by Josep Maria Orengo Martinez
Morning Frost by Curt Palm
Cathedral Peak & Middle Lake by Chris Freeland
Bird Home by Don Robert Kirk
Abandoned 2 by Mikael Carstanjen
Gatekeepers by Jackson Nichols
Azaleas by Lars Runar
Hidden Valley 9 by Roberto Frieri
Home Sweet Home by Igor Danilov
NYC Noir 12 by Kenneth Laurence Neal
Untitled 05 by David Ruderman
Winter Melt #7 by Scott Hoyle
The Way In by Stewart Nelson
Sculpture of Light 8 by Jim Sinsheimer
I See You by Fatforehead
Jeanine 1 by pp Susan Mah
Syver With His Milking Machine by Per Erik Langaanes
CA Full Moon by Shanti Golden
October 1 2017 by Lee W. Bass
Nude 10 by Arthur Meehan
Water and Light by Gary Wagner
Streets of Tokyo 3 by Victor  Kulnev
Untitled 8 by Yvonne Todd
Boundless Love by Lou Zucchi
Untitled 08 by Erwin Barona
Aria Tower by Robert Hewgley
Studio BA#53 by Robert Hopkins
Main Street by John Rodman
The Line by Josee Paulo Andrade
Silos by Steven Greenbaum
The Horns by Nic Stover
The Way Through 5 by Beverly LaRock
Korcula Antiques by Roger Lieberman
Aircraft 1 by Eduardo Garcia
View by Steven Greenbaum
Alone by Fatforehead