Time and Tide #7 by Jean-Francois Sigrist
After The... by Michael Howard
Galveston Cemetery Headstone Statue IV by Steve Ross Fisher
Roster Over DTLA #2 by James Walker
Baroque Meets the 80's by Raiko Nin
Wind by Allison Purviance
A Game Through My Eyes by Herminio Alberti
Held to Stand by Laurits Haaning
Tuscany by Charles Allen Haynes
Foot Pusher by Reginald  Foster
Broom of Twigs 1 by Peter D. Erhard
Windmill by Peter A. Slevcove
Salton Sea Skeleton by Mike Cavanaugh
BrickWork #5 by Mikhail Mamontov
Entrances 6 by Steve Burkett
Barn Door & Windows by John F. Doyle
Almost Real #28 by Mark Wainer
QA by Jerry Grasso
Windows and Door by Jack Curran
Between Arrows by Kazimierz Salwa
Screen Door by Tom Duffy
A Temporary Pause by Daniel Joder
Bodie-6 by Larry Luckham
12 by Adam Putnam
Mausoleum OfKhwaja Ahmad Yasavi by Tamsin Green
Salton Sea 119 by Jim Shoemaker
Untitled #216 by Wayne B. Gibson
Door Light by Tom and Marj Green
Window by David Patria
Watertower by Eugene Renzi
Shell by Vladimir Kabelik
Boat House by Jerry Hale
Objects of Ruin - IV by SameSource
Reverie 6 by Paul Roelofs
Rolls of Hay in Sun by Rajan Varadan
Untitled 10 by John D. Wilkins
Rat Rod by Jimmy A. Johns
Cuba Cars # 1 Cuba 2010 by Scott Clarke
Solitary in Sanctuary by Leslie Hanes
Reflecting Past by Rupinder Brar
After The Storm by Marshall Gould
Two Headed Baby by Morgan Post
Keep Out by David Spitzer
House with No Home by Zachary Chroust
Souls by Jeff Bader
Radial Air by Mark Phillips
3 Wishes by Marie Juliette Aziz
Backboard in Back Yard #5 by Carlos Marchand
Distant Relative by Alexander Tkachev
Car Wreck 2 #6 by Bjorn Bjornson