Portrait 1 by Scott Clements
To Be in Court by Carole Usdan
Venice 10 by Shener Hathaway
A Slave to Time by Daniel Joder
Portal 09 by Larry Luckham
Untitled 2 by Allen E. Shifrin
Family Life by Jazan Kozma
Mother and Daughter by Jack Weingarten
S-Curve by Steve Ross Fisher
Fort Morgan 8 by Scott Clements
In Over His Head by Kenneth C. Evans
Time and Tide #7 by Jean-Francois Sigrist
Lovers by Charles H. Carver
After The... by Michael Howard
Canyon Spirit 6 by Michael Slack
Iceland Explorations by Jack Curran
RC Cola Factory 5 by Rob Haff
Untitled 3 by Richard Chirichillo
Faces of the Sea - Dewey by John Van Horn
Nude & Skull by Zach Weston
Roster Over DTLA #2 by James Walker
Franklin Street by Eugene Renzi
On the Flake by Craig Blacklock
Baroque Meets the 80's by Raiko Nin
Wave 1 by Kevin Clark
Puglia by Charles Allen Haynes
Night Walk 6 by Sei Yeon Lee
Wind by Allison Purviance
Hunger #2 by Lyle A. Crum
Head in Clouds by Kazimierz Salwa
A Game Through My Eyes by Herminio Alberti
Held to Stand by Laurits Haaning
Worker by William Bullard
Gehry Study 3 by Karen Hanley Colbert
Girls at School by Alan Wieder
Untitled #9 Zion NP by Michael Scherlacher
Apple Picking by Chris Boyd
Javanese Dancer by Albert Zabin
Safe in Pappi's Arms by Sophie Mosimann
Nico Boy by Doug Tostenson
On the Back Road by Jon Glaser
Saving Sinners by David Olds
Western Landscape #9 by Paul Elliott
Chinatown by Sheila Bodine
In Desperation by Michael Greig
Melton Lake Park by Nicholas Bell
Stopping by Jodie Hulden
Light Geometry by Paul G. Morozoff
Foot Pusher by Reginald  Foster
Broom of Twigs 1 by Peter D. Erhard