Joseanne by J.H.A. Wiefferink
Melting Metal by Conrad R. Fischer
Labirinto by Bret Culp
Bride in Church Yard by Suzanne Schwartzmann
Abstract #4 by Eric Wiswell
Abandoned Everglades Memorial Hospital 7 by Gonzalo Rosendo
Hurricane Marie 2 by Jazan Kozma
Hot August Day by Douschan Tomic
Game Farm 7 by Kathleen AE Donohoe
Dune # 11 by Jerry Kay
Doorways by Bob Bader
Boathouse (Interior) by Richard Dakin
Mirror by Roberto Ojedo
Blind Guitarist by Victoria Blewer
01 by Ashley Lebedev
Kneeling Figure by Roy Whiddon
Old Street #2 by Lu Zhang
1 Parking Helix by Alex Hoffmaister
January Morning Walk #1 by Richard Serviss
Two Faces of a Fair by Steven Dembo
9 by Michael Miner
Infrared #9 by Hal Kaye
Sombras by Frances Miller
Danger Zone Resident 3 by Sungsoo Lee
Small World 1 by Otakar Hevler
Fall Bones 2 by Wayne Thornbrough
Sometimes by Jon Evan Glaser
Truckee Abstraction II by Laurits Haaning
Missions-3 by William L. Witmer
Door and Shuttered Window by Gordon Middleton
The Locomotive Mechanic by Adi Ben-Senior
Forest Haven Asylum by Brian Cattelle
White Place Shared Visions 10 by Ken Sullins
Boat Storage House by David Kyungsoo Chun
Pin Oak Fairy by Gary A. Thaxton
White 08 by Ludmilla Espiaube
Don't Bother to Knock #11 by Linda Barsotti
Willows 6 by Linda Koopman
Daily Commute Speed Limit 150 by Reidar Schopp
07 Dying at Home by Robert Skeoch
Radiant Calm Naples Florida-4 by Jack Curran
Book Curls by William Turner
Locke 5 by Ron Discipulo
Grand Canyon 3 by Thomas S. Parry
08 Charles B. Wang Center by Joe Constantino
In Campagna #8 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Early Spring by Olav Oiehang
San Francisco Bay by Rick Chertoff
Exposed 02 by Dennis Fritsche
Lost Identity 4 by Patricia Turo