B&W: 2010 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Peggy's Cove Light II by Jack Daulton
Ruins with Petrified Wood by Jack Knox
Guardians by Richard R. Willie
Mail Order Joy by Gordon Ownby
Rope Dance by Babara House
BA by Jack Delmonte
Navajo Stand by Leonard Volk
The Buick 88 by Dennis Fritsche
Swirls by David Bowman
Steel Life Study 5 by Benny Asrul
Morgan by Jack Delmonte
Heavenly Gaze by Kim A. Holz
G&T in Geneva by Michael Merne
Untitled 1 by Daniel R. Schmidt
The Dream by Tim Brill
Stone Angel by Kim A. Holz
Bottle by Dan Richard Barber
Wall Art by Kevin D. Nelson
Sanctuary by Carlos Rego
Resting Place by Kim A. Holz
Baby Head 1 by Rob Gish
Bridge Light by David Bowman
Pafos 1 by Geo Oplaat
Resting Place by Sarah Rust Sampedro
Metal Bowl by Brenda Lindfors
Palm Sunday by Eugene Renzi
Egg Timer on Glass Table by John McGill.
A Table by the Window by Margaret Ziede
Recluse by Judi Richins
Bone Yard by Rudolph De Ram
Snow & Fence by Leonard Volk
Tables and Chairs by Jim Berry
Twisted by Lance Key
Canyon Road Window by Barbara Smith