B&W: 2010 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

The Abare House by Patrick Miles Johnston
Boot by Veneta Zahaieva
Birth & Death by Andrew Effendy
Betts Cemetery by Ron Hugo
Decay by Sophie Abbott
Wickies Route by Vern Bartley
Pitchfork by Jeffrey Glasser
Untitled 14 by Wolfgang Stöger
Untitled by Stefan Dziewanowski
Slow Turning by Larry Blackwood
Ice Storm by Virginia S. Metevia
Eclectic 8 by Charles
Tanks & Sunflowers by Leonard Volk
Sea Shell by Virginia S. Metevia
Feet by Dustin Lamb
Untitled #3 by Steve Huth
Civil Piece by Lance Key
Sail by David E. Becker
Eternal  Sleep by Kim A. Holz
Hashmark by Dave Sova
Untitled 2 by Sandro Glaettli
Saying Farewell by Paul C. Smits
Spoon of Remembrance by Elena Ehrenwald
Still Life with Acorns by Tatyana Bessmertnaya
Untitled 7 by Keith Harper
Web Pearls by Ron Hugo
Listening the Silence 2 by Kirill Surov
Hats for Sale by Ron Emmerling
Discarded by Arthur Ransome
Maple Sap Drop by John W. Corry
Peppers by Bob Miller
Docks by Joshua Steven Lasinski
Forbidden Fruit #3 by Mary Woodman
Peek A Boo by Lance Key