Contemplation by Peter J. Ansara
Street Face by Susan B. Griffith
An Efford by Mariusz Lichacz
Dune #2 by Curt Palm
Paris Remembered 7 by Anne Wisgo
Frozen Blossoms by Rees Gordon
Reflected Light by Duain Wood
Untitled 3 by Joseph D. Conwill
Untitled II by Dominic Martello
Disney Concert Hall by Robert Roney
Mary by Len Sciacchitano
Smattering of Bumpy Fields by P.M. Schot
Making of an Angel Girl 7 by Toni Wallachy
Festival Nocturne by Jim Nickelson
Sea Dance 6 by Darrell Sano
Greenhouse 2 by Michel Taupin
Urbanscape 04 by Jordan Boldt
Student by Valery Lombardi
Liberation Day 15 by Geo Oplaat
Radium Water 219 by Armando Cardoso
Boiling Clouds by Nenad Saljic
Correlation by Jain Jeong
Homeless by Vassilis Constantineas
Claire III by Michael Jan Goulding
Accordian Man by D. Keith Furon
Feathers by Wilmot David
Finished Job by Errick L. Cameron
Book of Names by Cynthia Merzer
Wooded Path by James A. Crawford
Street Mannequin 1 by Sanford Davis
Blackspotted Grunt by Eugene Williams
Bunny's Secret Memory by Joseph Ruesing
Plant Life No 6 by Alan Henriksen
Fascinating by Radwan Kiwan
Carnival Girl by William Acosta
School Girl by Ethel Kambourian
Holga Impressions 7 by Elsa Mota Gomes
Fallling Moon by Melissa Falen
Jetty by Darryl Godfrey
Lochairlort Church by Steve Ellaway
Facing West by Lewis Francis
Solitude by Maria-Helena Markkula
Untitled 9 by Blake White
Untitled 14 by Carly Petrie
6 p.m. by Ilya Genin
Fan Girls by Neeley Main
Line of Trees by Mike Cameron
Tommi Anne by Andrew Overtoom
Legs by Ted Fuller
Untitled 11 by Dennis Fritsche