January 3 #1 - Black Bird by Amanda Smith
Bisque Dolls by Larry Shapiro
Remember Me Gary Chepoda by Craig Alan Huber
Toilets by Tom Green
Prospect Park by Stan Raucher
Lady Harms by Mariana Sparre
Spinning Girl by Robert C. Wiseman
Lateral Compression 1 by David Bardes
Untitled 6 by Tony J. DeSisto
Little Waterfall Behind a Rock by Jon Meyer
Untitled 5 by Rachael Carver
Columnas by Jose M. Ramirez
Ghost Town II Tintype by Igor Svibilsky
Chicken Feet by Michael A. Shapiro
Dark Visions by Toni Beatty
Old Woman and Her Trained Monkeys by Paul Cohn
Steam in the Valley by Joachim Stubben
Queen of the World Cathedral by Ron Harris
Sunday Beach by Cedric Di Donato
Crossing by Lemore Zausner
Head-Up by Daniel LeHoty
Will Call by Joanne Scherf
Memorial by Franco Sambo
Late Departure by Tara Seldin
Montage 2 by Bob Witte
Crap by Kirk Allen
Car Reflections by Robert Hecht
Back to Nature by Sylvie Pinsonneault
Awaiting by Fattah Zinouri
Faces of War and Peace by Joel Simpson
Untitled 2 by Sara Lindkrantz
Coronation by Hannah Neal
Untitled 4 by Donald J. DeSisto
Burn Regrowth by Patrick Grady
The Ace Of Spades by Sayeed R. Mehmood
Door and Curtain by James A. Primrose
Racetrack by Gary Matson
Flow 3 by Charles N. Hedeen
Dead Bird by Dawn Heumann
Bridge #1 by Bill Saul
Step by Paul Morando
Untitled 4 by Mclain D. Swift
Dugout Action - Half Moon Bay High School by Becky Ruppel
Something's Burning by Jeffrey A. Wolk
Sunset by Robert A. Dawson
Perseus Slays Medusa Self Portrait 07 by Barbara Warren
Group by Stephen Bitel
Face in the Wood 5 by Joe Constantino
Salt Creek Estuary by Robert Reed
Moonlight Serenity 3 by Todd Materazzi