Kristen by Malcolm Lobban
Trees No. 8 by Mira Gafney
George by David Roels
19273 5 by Ken Sullins
Backyard by David Johns
Vineyard by James Cingone
Sand Pattern 82 by Mary Goodrich
Yes by Nelly Ethel Kambourian
IMG_2107 by Raymond van Tassel
Male Scapes 315 by Terry Scopelliti
Supporting Old Pier Ceiling by Tom Green
sexual man with or without a teacher by Mike Callaghan
Untitled 11 Western NSW 2011 by Paul Dorahy
David Broza by Pamela Sweet
ReBaroque Rehearsal Mozart and Haydn 12 by Magnus Karlson
04 Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan.  New York City by Joe Constantino
Tree by George Ciardi
Untitled 15 by Maurizio Montanari
Family Affair by Lane Simmons
Valkerie by Chip Bulgin
Garment Sellers by Shivcharan Kamaraju
Oyster Baskets by Tim Coy
China 2012-7 by Gary E. Pullar
El Calafate 4 by Nataly Rader
Glimpse of sunlight 2 by Izabela Maciusowicz
Dead Bird by Louis Joyner
The Peak by Jon Kolkin
Without a Map #6 by Linda Barsotti
More to Endure Alpha WI 2012 by Rick Pearson
Mountain View by David Klegon
Waiting by Joel Reinhard
GMC by Harry O'Connor
Lines and Mirrors by Aaron Kennison
Lluvia_Bogotá by Jorge Cruz
Oil Tank Shadows by Joe Puglisi
Landfill Sculpture by Larry E. Jones
Frosty trees Yellowstone NP 2009 by Carol Polich
Manhole cover by William Wiebesiek
Devonny II by Eugene Goodale
Reflections by Wendy Broekx
Playing the Water Jug by Richard Wilson
Resist by Joseph E. Reid
Our Lady by Nelson Goodrich
San Jose City Hall 9 by Marshall Gould
Untitled 4 by Robert Dromgoole
Red House by Renee Lowery
Untitled 2 by Rich Smukler
A Dark Melancholy 4 by Olena Sullivan
Quiet Dark 16 by Jose Luis Silva
Rainbow by Robin Lee Dahlberg