Sleeping Beauty by Anne De Geer
Mathiessen Stream by Paul R. Schranz
Lover's Embrace by Debra Small
Mother Nature 09 by Richard de Vicq de Cumptich
Pahoehoe 10 by Bert Ihlenfeld
One Hand by Cheryl Quick
Return of fishing at the foot of the water by Wilfrid Serizay
Zion Cliff by Stan Czesniuk
Notre Dame by David P. Martin
Attention NASCAR Fans by Michael Gora
La Sagrada Familia by Ilya Genin
Shoes In Mesh by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Pain III_Cincinnati_OH_2012 by J. Michael Skaggs
A Tunnel of Columns- Istanbul Turkey-2012 by Jack Ronnel
9_Spires by Tony Sweet
Lil' Poke by Shanna Mae Swanson
BB King by Kevin Cox
Procession by Brian Grandfield
The Great Wall by Dave Black
Windows by Frank Wayne
Calla Lillies 6 by Dianne Duenzl
Light by Lewis Francis
Playground Shadow 3 by Robert Voorhees
Harry Benson by Ellen Denuto
Noodles by Dan Miller
Sandi by Winifred F. Simon
OldDixie by Janine Sprout
New Beginning by Barry J. Merluzzo
1 Eiffel's Garabit Bridge by Jane Hinton
Untitled 4 by Douglas T. Braddock
Place of the Hawk by Joe Skalsky
Pete Terhurne aka Poobah by Stephanie Torbert
Cathedral Crossing by Rebecca McNeill Meyers
Quiddity by Karen Rozbicki Stringer
Winter at Sapsucker Woods 9 by F.A. Rowley
Lost by Luciano Del Bufalo
Untitled 4 by Patrizio Silvi Antonino
Tamanawas Falls by Tom Kirkendall
Encounters 12 by Larry Kincaid
Madonna 1 by J. Scott Pollock
Chad by Shanna Mae Swanson
Untitled-3 by Jerry Manning
The remains by Josefina Rodriguez Marxuach
Polished Steel #1 by Robert Schwiebert
Tribute to 9-11 Victims 1 by Alan Sandler
BettyCarterMontereyCA1992 by Elde Stewart
Beach 10 by Paul R. Anderson
Slow Curves - Torrey 32 by Hal Eastman
Six Degrees of Copenhagen 01 by Jens Juul
Brand by Shanna Mae Swanson