First Floor Stairway by Warren Goehring
Rochester NY by John O. Roy
Time Lost by Anita Licis-Ribak
Swift Fox by Steven Rood
Street Sax Player by David S. Ullman
Cityscape 09 by Agatha Rodis
Beached Nude by Todd Groskopf
Canyon De Chelly 2 by Imre Pozsgay
Ghost 2 by Bernt C. Skottun
Boat by Max D. Sturgeon
Untitled 5 by Steve Ellier Chapman
Spray by Russ Thompson
Tent Adapted to Surgeries by Andre Francois
Upon Closer Examination by Timothy C. Flood
Meditation 10 by Amy Evans
Winter Shadows by Shanna Mae Swanson
La Defense by Phillip Jones
Fightclub 9 by Coree Coppinger
Portrait of an Elephant 3 by Nicole Giadrone
Adelaide Street by Vladimir Kabelik
Ice and Puddle 2 by Alan Henriksen
Dreaming by Stefano Carloni
Imaginations 6 by Antonio Miro-Montilla
Iris I by Kathleen Nathan
Cover Up 4 by Ye Mimi
Dearborn St. by Jon Fjortoft
Eliza with Peonies and Pearls by Patrisha McLean
Untitled 1 by Rodrigo Gómez Cordova
Mail by Jess Gore
Raindrops by Tove Hamre
Mixed Messages by Barry Stoch
Dunes 4 by Lee Hruska
Jantarmantar 02 by Richard Keinberger
Crouching Duckling Eats The Dragon by Daniel Rice
Calf by Steven J. Epstein
Buzkishi Ground Move by Gloriann Liu
Woman with Basket in Piata Unirii by George Omorean
Children Playing and Begging by Alison McCauley
State Fair Pond by Chip VanPelt
Seeing your Shadow 5 by Vasilios Sfinarolakis
Untitled 1 by Danielle Allman
Working Men by Tom Peterson
Ice Detail #7 by Alberto Bianchi
Texture Nine by Jim Park
Midnight Sunset by Karen Fleck
Hand and Nose by Mathieu Monceaux
Beauty by Unrequited Love
Ayo by Gregory Prescott
Moss and Tree by Ted Yeager
Lost by Valdemar Barbosa Leitao