Progressive Work by Dancho Atanasov
One Way Out by Kristina Chevalier
World Trade Center by Bob Neiman.
1890 by G.B. Smith
Woodrow by G.B. Smith
Cubic Houses by Carlos Caruso
Arches 1 by Alan Simmons
Icebreaker by Dancho Atanasov
Chiflections 3 by Antonia Pieczonka
Palace Contarini Del Bovolo by Dancho Atanasov
The Tower by Kenneth Tyson
Fire Escapes by Roger Lieberman
World Trade Centre 1 by Michel Laflamme
Veterans Arches by G.B. Smith
Mirror World by Dancho Atanasov
Ribs by Dancho Atanasov
Seeing Through by Doug Testa
Fred and Ginger by Gerald Shonkwiler
Cubed by G.B. Smith
Under The Stadium by David Cohen
Over Arching by G.B. Smith
Dam Patterns by G.B. Smith
Dorothys House by G.B. Smith
The Modern by Dennis Fritsche
MAC - Contemporary Art Museum by Roberto Soares-Gomes,
Houston by Eduardo Garcia
Gardiner by Greg Finnegan
Steps by Dancho Atanasov
Unsteady by Marlene Mendez
Herringbone by G.B. Smith
Lighthouse Bulb by Robert West
Imploding by G.B. Smith
The Vessel by Kenneth Tyson
Saarinen Light by Gerald Shonkwiler
Under the Santa Monica Pier by Lloyd Segal
Music Pier Musings by William West
Abandoned Motel by Stuart Brontman
Under Kent Narrows by David Mullen
Roman Cistern by Alan Lemire
Rounded by G.B. Smith
Park Street Drawbridge Gear by Tom Green
San Simeon Pier by Jorge Gaj
Steps by Stuart Brontman
Two Sided Building by Allan Vega
Skeleton by Dancho Atanasov
Elevated by Steve Burkett
IFC 2 by Ulana Switucha
Angular by Stuart Brontman
Trails by Dancho Atanasov
Empty Spaces #3 by Sheila Bodine