Fins 1 by Dancho Atanasov
Shadow Light by William West
Walk This Way by Sanford Davis
Christ Church by Rick Baer
The Shapes of Hudson Yards by Samuel Vovsi
Hypnotic Stairs by Gerald Shonkwiler
Winter House by Joe Sack
Road In Front of the Broad by Gerald Shonkwiler
Steps by Dennis Fritsche
Suspended Reflection by G.B. Smith
The Ramp by Stuart Brontman
Aqua Stair by G.B. Smith
San Francisco de Asis by David Lancaster
Morning Grace by G.B. Smith
BOC 2 by Ulana Switucha
Strutting by G.B. Smith
Vortex by Marlene Mendez
Commuter by TR Smith
Grace by G.B. Smith
Look Up by Frank Fuerst
Alone by T. Brian Hager
After Midnight by Richard Batch
Arches 2 by Alan Simmons
Arches by Boris Keller
Fins 2 by Dancho Atanasov
Picasso Steps by Sharon Hoffman
Birds by Arlene Stanger
A Bridge Beyond by G.B. Smith
Marble Arch by G.B. Smith
SAC Frame by Gerald Shonkwiler
Eye In The Sky 1 by Dancho Atanasov
Florida Overpass by Robert West
A Concept by Carlton Johnson
Ramps in the Sky by Robert West
World Trade Centre 2 by Michel Laflamme
Chiflections 4 by Antonia Pieczonka
Bridge by Jane Busker
Freeway by Roger Lieberman
Spiral Staircase by Robert West