Glowing Pathway by G.B. Smith
Tectonic Shift by Gerald Shonkwiler
Drying Rack by Mary Woodman
Mechanism by John Howard
Chemical Bay by G.B. Smith
Madawaska Bridge by Joe Sack
Stuck in the Mud by Scott Fowler
Convair by Michael Brown
Hoover Reservoir by Alan Lemire
Roll the Dice by Stuart Lieberman
Torii Gate by David Ruderman
Solitude by Herbert Swick
Abandoned by Edward Ries
Lake Kivu by Stephen K. Hall
Race by Greg Finnegan
Paleontology by David Ruderman
Available Seating #1 by Sheila Bodine
Jaroslavl Farm by Roger Lieberman
Bright Horizons by G.B. Smith
Shopping Cart by Mark Ferguson
Once Upon a Time by Dan Richard Barber
Hanging by Tom Green
Shine by Stephen Curtis Wilson
Beautiful Disaster by Jarred Knorr
The Horses Have Gone by Dylan Smith
Ladder Reflection by Terry Strayn
Red Hook Tracks by Michael Stimola
The Lock by Ira Dwoskin
Antique Bath by Walter Pinkus
Untitled 2 by Jenny Arevalo
Delp's Cab by Richard Batch
Upper Deck by Dale Van Minsel
Heroes by Kenneth Tyson
Mannequin Hand by Michael Stimola
Clamp Storage by Marj Green
Thirsty by David Cohen
Homestead by Joanne Scherf
Big Wheel by Ilene Bandringa
Retired by Susan Tatterson
Chess Anyone by Dan Richard Barber
62 Suicide Doors Lincoln by Dennis Walworth
Carousel House by John Howard
Roads by Esperanza Gomez
Beyond the Pasture by Walter Pinkus
Old Press by Marj Green
War Memorial (Detail) by Stephen Curtis Wilson
Coca-Cola Love by Richard Batch
At Evening Light by Kay Beausoleil
Three Hills Alberta by Andrew Jevne
Available Seating #3 by Sheila Bodine