Dorset Horn Sheep by Linda Hollinger
Grab and Go by Arthur Jacoby
Pig Race by Richard Batch
Cyclists & Dog by Khunya Lamat Pan
Grocery Store Fish by Marc Sheridan
Flight by Susan Delgalvis
Moms on Break by Vicki Sarris
Man and Dog by Tyler Vance
Swan by Lisa Haun
Swan by Sin Woo Kim
Eagle at Blackwater by David Mullen
Dappled Dog by Beamie Young
Two Outer Banks wild horses in a windy surf by Rick Menapace
Who you looking at by Ron Croft
Dwarf Mongeese by James Selders
Coming Home by Arthur Jacoby
Blue Cod On Special by Leonie Moreland
Moose Gaze by Dennis Walworth
Untitled #6 by Peter Madero III
Cat #3 by Şevki Ümit Özgen
Willet by John Kuhn Jr.
Horse by Khunya Lamat Pan
Regal by Santford Overton
The Raven by Kathryn McBride
Cat #2 by Şevki Ümit Özgen
Polka Dot Pond by Beamie Young
Here's looking at you by John Gribbin
In Calm Waters by Jeremy Beckman
Poised in the Moment by William Pierson
Twins by Rick Baer
Catch of the day by Dan Richard Barber
Being One Zebra by Janis Tratnik
Eye To Eye by Jazan Kozma
Four Crows by Lee Gordon
Blending Stripes by Mary Eileen Carson
Soaring Free by George W.
In The Heat Of The Night by Daniel Ivan
Punk Chicken by Margrieta Jeltema
At the Beach by Alan Mahood
Marriage by Jenn Lawrence
Moose by Robert J. Anderson
The Watcher by James Selders
Solitude 1 by Mandy Seligman
Running Horse by Wim Weeda
Leopard Spotted by Hillary Greene-Pae
Sparrow 4 by Alan Mahood
Striped by Marcello Rodriguez
Buffalo by Dennis Manarchy
Under A Watchful Eye by John Diephouse
Flight by Marion Villines