Breakfast Club by Vicki Sarris
Bear Cat by Karen Thorpe
Black Puppy by Christopher Alan Pratt
A Direct Connection by Janis Tratnik
Wild Horses by Rick Menapace
Take Me Home for Dinner by Barbara Maker
A Chorus of Ghosts by Steve Zmak
The Sleeping Flamingo by Jeffrey Weiser
Squirrel #3 by James Selders
Goose and a Stone Bridge by Vira Sivachuk
Street Cat by Jason Au
Lace by Vicki Sarris
Cat Walk by Boris Keller
Pelican in Flight by Robert West
Octoeye by Vicki Sarris
Morning Birds by David Lancaster
Spiderweb Cosmos by Dennis Walworth
Adolescent Doe by Patrick Binns
Paints in Pasture by Larry Bean
Bobcat by Jazan Kozma
Sentries by Arthur Jacoby
Yorkshire Cat by Marion Villines
California Sea Lions by Jazan Kozma
Parading by Richard Batch
Serenity by Kay Hale
PRE Stallion at Liberty by Mary Aiu
Conversing With Jesus by William West
The Model by Susan Tatterson
Warrior by Santford Overton
Peacock by Vira Sivachuk
Giraffe by Robert West
Companions on the Range by John Faltus
Night at the Races. by Jeff Wiles
Sleepy Lion by Elaine Heron
American Robin by David Ruderman
From the Marshes by Santford Overton
Arabian Among the Trees by Mary Aiu
Percheron by Diane Michaud Lowry
Tree Snake Branch by Michael Holtz
Llamas by Linda Hollinger
Agitated by Dana Holt
My Stick by Dennis Fritsche
Grackle Singing by Lee Gordon
Shy Lizard by Vicki Sarris
Attitude by Rick Menapace
Dreamer by Kristina Chevalier
Cape May Swans by Robert West
After the Storm by Mary Aiu
Black Cat by Khunya Lamat Pan
Seagull by Boris Keller