Manikins #1 by Michael D. Isenberg
Into a Foreboding Sky by Jim Sinsheimer
Ruins by Rick Menapace
Estate Ephemera 1 by Kathy Cudlin
Cruising by Bruce Barshop
Back in Time 1939 by Steve Ryf
Under the Bridge by Jane Ivory
No Peeking by Tom Green
Mannequins Private Parts by William R. West, Jr.
Cemetery Walk by Dolores Smart
The Tower by Robert Anderson
Time for Tea by Victoria Ruderman
Silvering by Sophie Mosimann
Footsteps by Norman Robbins
Eye Exam by Peter Ingrasselino
Pet Corral by Bill Sinkovich
Fifth Avenue by Bruce Barshop
Stairway to Heaven by Medina Thorsteinson
Freedom by William Dixon
Lifeboat by Terry Strayn
Roadside Shinto Shrine by Rick Menapace
And The Answer Is by Ellen G. Ingram
Gardener's Qart with Brooms by Rick Menapace
Silo by Jane Ivory
Pipe Design by Marj Green
Arm+Hammer PeroxiCare by Jurgen Dopatka
Ford 800 by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Old Boxes by Bob Neiman
Invisible Hand by Susan Bone Annable
Junkyard Monster by William R. West, Jr.
Springtime Conversation by Joan Moir
Spotlight with Chain by Jane Coelho
Americana Dream by Duane Miller
Textile by Jerry Grasso
Lamp Light by Daniel L. English
Everyman by Jo Fields
The Longview by Kristina West
Nautilus by Richard  J. Cann
Cement Block Forms by William R. West, Jr.
Looking at You by Jerry Kay
Morning Light by Arlene Stanger
Craneo Loco by Sanford Davis
Pinot Grigio by Mike Spector
Charcoal Kilns by Dennis Fritsche
Adobe Door by Kathleen Nademus
Karen's Window by Don Menges
Uncle Bill's Pocket Watch by Michael Parvin
Abandoned doll at abandoned school near Chernobyl by Natalie Mazur
Clothespins by William Abbott
Left Behind by Darcie Sternenberg