Western Flyer by Steven McBurnett
Rope by Rosemary Williams
Untitled 3 by Alexander Meshibovsky
Zipper by Richard Stocker
Shadows by Tom Green
3 Silos by Jane Ivory
Unwelcomed Rider by Peter Ingrasselino
Old Main Bell Tower by Clint Saunders
National Gardens Statue by James A. DeVinney
Untitled 1 by Jennifer Arevalo
Recycled Saints by David Thomson
Not Open by Tom Green
Decision by Norman Robbins
Tired Posters by Tom Green
Chaos by Edward Ries
Window Vent by Thomas Robbins
Cubes 03 by Hiroyasu Matsui
Ship Wreck by William R. West, Jr.
Still Life by Joe Sack
Distant Storm by Larry Chan
Write On by Marilyn Baldi
Light by Norman Robbins
Knickknacks by William Dixon
Window Shopping by William R. West, Jr.
Palouse Barn by Bob Neiman
Feeder by Igor Danilov
The Cross by Dave Hanson
Farmyard by Sophia Koopman
Into the Darkness by Elaine Heron
Knobs by William Dixon
Schoolhouse by Steven Greenbaum
Big Mack by TR Smith
Cages From Which Photographers Photographed Polar Bears by Elaine Heron
The Remnant by Edward Ries
Room With a View by Robert Woodward
Geothermal Plant by Duane Miller
Sunbather by Norman Snyder
Radio Telescope by Kristina West
Suspended Motion by William R. West, Jr.
Auto Reflection by John Yarborough
Element 1bw by Rebecca Beggs
White Door by Lee Grossman
Inner Light by Kay Beausoleil
Sprague Truck Interior by Bob Neiman
Beach Umbrellas by Mike Spector
Grandad's Fishing Pole by Michael Parvin
Untitled 2 by Ron Plumhoff
Nuclear Child by William R. West, Jr.
Railings and Shadows by Mark Fohl
Mannequin Sale by William R. West, Jr.