Chimneys by Larry Chan
Two Dinghies by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Stairs by Norman Snyder
Three Wine Glasses by Bob Neiman
8 X10 by William Abbott
Wreckyard by Andreas Engelmann
Port of Rotterdam by Anne T. Crans
Village Church by Perry McNeal
Broken by Jo Fields
Intersection by Bruce Barshop
Third Shift by Steven McBurnett
'63 Mercury Comet by William Bullard
Danjogaran by David Ruderman
Burial Tree by Kathy Cudlin
Untitled 6 by Alexander Meshibovsky
Home Coming by Zoey Trask
Gloucester Fisherman by Bernard R. Negrin
Reflection 2 by Jane Ivory
The Potter by Diane Michaud Lowry
Dining Room by Arlene Stanger
Home by Rick Menapace
Into the Fog by T. Brian Hager
Mannequin by Lynne Mass
Top of the Great Stairs by Stan J. Noteboom
Bensonhurst Alley by TR Smith
Driggs Silos by Roger Lieberman
Remembering Mona by Wendy Verity
Old Town by Medina Thorsteinson
Amour by Victoria Ruderman
Stamp Collection by Mary Woodman
Canoe by Richard Stocker
Closed for the Season by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Victor's Dock by Richard Stocker
Wooden Boat by Walter Alberto Mitt Schause
Rock Painting by Christine Federici
Teepees in the Rain by Dennis Fritsche
Clouds and Wires by Bernard R. Negrin
Fence by Tom Kirkendall
Dories by Mary Woodman
Alameda Window (Broken Heart) by Christine Federici
Twin Towers by Gerald Shonkwiler
Ocean City Sand Waves by William R. West, Jr.
Antique Car Show by William R. West, Jr.
Unwanted Prairie Paparazzi by Gerald Shonkwiler
Brick Wall and Fence by Bernard R. Negrin
Barbie's Bathing Suit by Mary Woodman
Palouse Washing Machine by Bob Neiman
Caught by Susan Bone Annable
Ford by Bill Sinkovich
Hoop Dreams by Rick Menapace