Watering Heights by Marshall Gould
American Pelican by Alan Hart
Trailing of the Sheep by William Bullard
Mom's Fly Sweep by Marshall Gould
Her Portrait Sitting by Marshall Gould
Coiled by Meg Porter
Imbedded by Marshall Gould
Zebra by Donna Parker
Leopard Spotted by Ira Serkes
Sleeping Silvertip Sharks by Chuck Davis
Arctic Fox by Elaine Heron
California Sea Lions Ballet by Chuck Davis
Contemplation by Norman Robbins
Hungry Gulls by Lee Gordon
Dear Deer by Jo Fields
Osprey With Fish by William R. West, Jr.
Penguin Highway by Deborah Kozura
Dervish by Steve Huth
Curious Walrus by Elaine Heron
Skateboarding Cat by William R. West, Jr.
Elephant Mother + Baby by Ira Serkes
Shadowing by Marshall Gould
Jellyfish by Mark Heitner
Cool Down Bath by Lee Gordon
Circus Elephant by William R. West, Jr.
Harbor Seal in Giant Kelp Forest by Chuck Davis
All Out Chipmunk by William R. West, Jr.
Stack of Crabs by Lee Grossman
Marwari Stallion by Wendy Hannum
Giant Manta Ray With Remora 2 by Chuck Davis
Underwater Giant Kelp Blades 2 by Chuck Davis
My Personal Swat Team by Marshall Gould
Family by Jeff Bader
Elephant Seal by Elaine Heron
Among the Trees #5 by Mary Aiu
Untitled by Andrew Lincoln
Standoff by Kay Beausoleil
Cold Bay by Isabelle Thibault
Young Black Bear With Fish by Elaine Heron
In Repose 1 by Elin Dolle
Wild Mustangs Climbing a Dune by Rick Menapace
Palm Tree by Saman Majd
One Whale by Edyta Kielian
Horse Avedon Frontal by Marshall Gould
Franklin by Marshall Gould
Mom's Fly Swatter by Marshall Gould
Sakanahoshi by Larry Chan
Out of Bread by William R. West, Jr.
Elephant by Ira Serkes
Elephant Baby by Ira Serkes