Puffed-up by Beamie Young
The Matriarch by Wendy Hannum
Wild Burros at Play by Kristina West
Mother Deer and her Children by Anne-Marie C. Dannenberg
Yes sir by Jeff Wiles
Giant Manta Ray With Remora by Chuck Davis
Graci Watching by Rick Menapace
Californa Sea Lions With Surf Cloud by Chuck Davis
Franklin & Frederick by Marshall Gould
Dartmoor Pony by Mary Aiu
Untitled 10 by Alexander Meshibovsky
Black Bear FIshing by Elaine Heron
Reassurance by Marshall Gould
Posing for his Portrait by Barry H. Rosof
Red-tailed Hawk by Gary Johnson
Final Resting Place by Marshall Gould
Your Majesty by Samuel Brown
After the Mud Bath by Gary Johnson
Waterhole by Stephen K. Hall
Jake by Dennis Fritsche
Leucistic (white) by Peter Ingrasselino
Ersa Major by Elaine Heron
Dotty's Cub by Deborah Kozura
Narra Deer Park by Emmanuel
Scratch by Scott Hoyle
Landing Site by Bob Bader
Whildens Pond 4 by Clyde Butcher
At Your Service by Marshall Gould
Untitled 14 by Peter Madero III
Brush & Comb by Marshall Gould
Drying by Anne T. Crans
Waiting for Death by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Fisheye by Kristina West
Iceland Horses by Ira Serkes
Got Wings by Oleg O. Moiseyenko
Move! by Bill Sinkovich
Lusitano at Liberty #2 by Mary Aiu
Bad Hair Day by Gudrun Bayerlin
Untitled 1 by Zoey Trask
Untitled 9 by Alexander Meshibovsky
Raven by Kathy Conway
Montelana at a Trot-Homage to Muybridge by Mary Aiu
Canadian Geese with Goslings by William R. West, Jr.
Slanted Window by Marshall Gould
Steenbok by Stephen K. Hall
Snow Monkey by Emmanuel
Cheetah in Repose by Wendy Hannum
On the Light by Grace Ho Pui Wan
Butterfly by Celia D'Apuzzo
Sheepfold by William Bullard