Alone by Sanford Davis
Two Lovers by Marv Kaminsky
Marwari Stallion by Mary Aiu
Peacock by David Ruderman
Tail Buddies by Jurgen Dopatka
Horse Avedon Profile by Marshall Gould
Entwined by Jo Fields
Teddy by Susan B. Griffith
Death Arrives by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Just Another Pretty Face by Jim Rossol
Wild Dog by John
Shake Out by Marshall Gould
The Airing of Grievances by Duane Miller
Welcome Home by Elaine Heron
Curious Monkey by Ron Croft
Owl by Jennifer Arevalo
Sun Dialing by Marshall Gould
Swat Team by Marshall Gould
Hungry Mouths by Peter Ingrasselino
Skinny As A Rail by Marshall Gould
Polar Bear by Elaine Heron
Lotsa Runnin' Room by Marshall Gould
Bottoms Up by Marshall Gould
Elk & Wingmen by Steve Zmak
I Love You by Rick Menapace