Water by Golnaz Abdoli
Articulated Wall (Bayer) by Robert J. Anderson
Total Solar Eclipse by Dana Holt
Blowing In the Wind 2 Vancouver BC 2020 by David Chui
Spheres by Dennis Fritsche
Lamp Shade by Robert Schwiebert
Light Too by Dennis Usdan
Radiant Poppies by Robert Schwiebert
Glass and Light 9 by Alison Lake
Untitled by Randy Weiner
Catching  the  Light by Robert Schwiebert
Waving Grasses by Donald Bolak
Various Views into a Washer Tub by Virginia J. Mahan
Multi-angled by Lee Ching Kai
Morph Shape Shifter by William West, Jr.
Train Rims by Randy Weiner
National Gallery Ceiling by Kay Beausoleil
Leaves and Sunrays by Alison Lake
Palm Frond by Frederick Eckert
View by Golnaz Abdoli
The Cosmic Waterjug by Kay Beausoleil
Stovepipe Wells Pool Reflection by Jerry Kay
Silver Daisy by Karen Hanley Colbert
Digitally Enhanced Montage of Roots by Lee Ching Kai
Magritte Inspired by Joan Moir
Phantom Rib Cage by David L. Robertson
Tree Mushrooms by Robert J. Anderson
Blowing In the Wind 4 Vancouver BC 2020 by David Chui
Bubble in the Park by Andrew Tershakovec
Gnarled Tree by Kip Absher
Curves in Space by James Koppelman
Water Bug by Andrew Tershakovec
Untitled 1 by Saman Majd
Glass and Light 6 by Alison Lake
Tree Bark by Dana Holt
Untitled 2 by Saman Majd
Speed Demon by Judy M. King
White Tablecloth by Frederick Eckert
Animal food by Bjarne Holmgren
Palace Chandelier by Alison Lake
Socially Distanced by Lynne Mass
Venetian Blinds Creature by William West, Jr.
Architectural Abstract 1 by Dennis Fritsche
Mosque Window by Alison Lake
Mind Blown by Mia Wisnoski
Fisherman's Net by Frederick Eckert
Sandstone Ripples by Joe Marabito
Musical Shadow by Monica Brewer
The Guitar by Monica Brewer
Flourish by Diana Standing