Arbor World #2 by Jeffrey David Nicholas
Texture by Stuart Lieberman
Under The Pier by Ari Plosker
Repetition by Richard O'Neill
Sky Harbor Approach by Bernard Werner
Ice Pond by David Klegon
SAHMRI Building by Bente Anermahr
Kinetic by Gary Levy
Harpa Concert Hall by Golnaz Abdoli
Wayward Trunk by Frederick Eckert
Curvers by Farrell Scott
Big Fish by Kip Absher
Rotunda by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
The Reckoning by Mia Wisnoski
Blowing In the Wind 1 Vancouver BC 2020 by David Chui
Milovat by Baz Diprose
Condominium by Robert J. Anderson
Keeping Distance by Karen Hanley Colbert
Drop 3 by Alan Lemire