Spiral by Lynn Fundingsland
Elements of design by Sara Szpektor
Les Miserables by William West, Jr.
Rhythm by Diana Standing
Oil Droplets by Randy Weiner
Standing Tall by Jenny Devine
Gravity problem by Lee Grossman
Prickly Plant by Lee Grossman
Cathederal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi by Virginia J. Mahan
Plant by Rick Baer
Drop 2 by Alan Lemire
Pole Puddle by Evan William Plunkett
Seeing in Shapes by Marlene Mendez
New Life by Kay Beausoleil
Light In Motion by Monica Brewer
Glass and Light 7 by Alison Lake
Glass and Light 10 by Alison Lake
The Fate of all Things by Lee Grossman
Saguaro (detail) by Ari Plosker
Thorn by Golnaz Abdoli
Into the Mystic by Mia Wisnoski
Drop 1 by Alan Lemire
Yin Yang Reflected by Marlene Mendez
Yucca by Robert J. Anderson
Origin Story by Lee Grossman
Lights by Jenny Devine
Blowing In the Wind 3 Vancouver BC 2020 by David Chui
Glass and Light 2 by Alison Lake
Floating World #1 by Jeffrey David Nicholas
Silhuette by Golnaz Abdoli
Tubular Steel by Donald Bolak
Desperation by Lynne Mass
Mother and Child by Karen Hanley Colbert
Montage of Seascape by Lee Ching Kai
Picassoesque Abstract by Keith Johnson
Minimalist Mirror by Robert  Chrosciewicz
Fluer by David Moyle
Mystery by Lynne Mass
Embedded Stone by Joe Marabito
Moss by Karen Hanley Colbert
Fabric of Our Society by Karen Hanley Colbert
Dune # 1 by Jerry Kay
Making Waves by Bernard Werner
3 Palm Trunks by Jerry Kay
Handiwork by Paul Olsen
Splash #1 by Jeffrey David Nicholas
Glass and Light 8 by Alison Lake
Light Catcher by Danielle Austen
Glass and Light 5 by Alison Lake
HARPA Hexes by Gerald W. Shonkwiler