3 Mission San José by Megan Schroeder
Quill by Ralph Henzler
Snow Fence #1 by Steve Blackwell
Portal 3 by Don Rice
Landscapes enclosed in delicate gossamer phials D by Stefano Ciol
Glyph 5 by J. H. Hardcastle
Grey scale by Yves Harnois
48 Pontiac Silver Streak by Jack Knox
Palouse Shed 3265 by Bob Neiman
Retro DC-3 by Charles Burnam
Terrace by Vojin Drenovac
Selling Iguanas by Christopher Bolton
Untitled 4 by John Petro
Untitled 2 by Ken Sklute
The Phoenix Rises by Paul Hetzel
4-Progress by Daniel R. Joder
Rusting Away by Lou Fischer
I am the Walrus by Richard Chirichillo
His Masters... by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Khajuraho Temple 5 by Ben Haytock
Father 3 by Ron Plumhoff
Ashford Pond by Gordon Middleton
Beer by Paul Sokal
Hidden Walk 5 by Hyeran Yun
9th Ward by Phil McAuliffe
Island Walk 1 by Allan R. Lamb
8 Olds by Alvin Reiner
Tables by Michael Medrano
Rivets by Howard Grill
Cloud Cover by Larry Tomo
Very Bright Summit 11 by Arkadiusz  Kubisiak
Bat Eyes by David Guidas
Corn Cob Pot by Carole Topalian
Sun and Shade by Ricardo Vinos
Hagia Sophia by Burak Yazicier
Store Front 3 by Bjorn Bjornson
Shadow over the Empire by Jose Paulo Andrade
Community Post by John Diephouse
Disco Hill Burial Site by David Tucker II
Old Boat by Steve Murray
Palazzo Barberini #5 by Rob Haff
Fire Escape 2 by Norman Robbins
Anatomy #120 by Carole Usdan
This Earthly Plane by Ellen Davis
New Light by Kirk Decker
Lathe & Chuck by Tom and Marj Green
The Hills Glendalough by Lesley Foote
Untitled by Kyuhan Nam
USAF 2017 1 by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Mannequin 11 by Kevin Clark