Untitled 1 by John Petro
Have I Ever Told You About the Time by Gordon Sweetnam
A Two Foot Samba by Paul Arnold Ford
The Way In by Stewart Nelson
Carousel by John Kitts
Blowdown 1 by Ken Sklute
Meat Man by Jake Lambroza
My Inner Thoughts by Kirk Decker
Music Shop by Christopher Bolton
Car Cemetery 1 by Bjorn Bjornson
Very Bright Summit 1 by Arkadiusz  Kubisiak
Tools of the Trade by Steven Lucas
Blind Conversation by Robert Chrosciewicz
1946 by Yves Harnois
Empty Classroom by Anne Tapler White
Crystal Balls by Kate Auerbach
Adrift by John Meyering
Boarded Up by Lou Fischer
9th Ward by Phil McAuliffe
A Chevy by Joseph Ptacek
Old Boat by Steve Murray
Coast Auto by John Rodman
Hidden Valley 12 by Roberto Frieri
Shadow over the Empire by Jose Paulo Andrade
3 Mission San José by Megan Schroeder
Hidden Walk 10 by Hyeran Yun
Bank of America by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Alley Pal by John Diephouse
Asbury Park 7 by Bill Golding
Gray Cat by Mirko Vincic
Oculus Arrival by Paul Hetzel
Okky O courtesy ZEBRA mother and child turkey by Okky Offerhaus
Discobolus by Burak Yazicier
Landscapes enclosed in delicate gossamer phials C by Stefano Ciol
11. Elements at St. Bart's II by Mio Akashi
Caution Nature by Larry Tomo
1-Line of Advance by Daniel R. Joder
Fancy Fruit by Ricardo Vinos
Glyph 1 by J. H. Hardcastle
Untitled 1 by Kyuhan Nam
Broken Uncle Sam by Fatforehead
Columns  #3 by Robert Curth
Antique Press by Carole Topalian
This Earthly Plane by Ellen Davis
Mannequin 1 by Kevin Clark
Gas by Steven Greenbaum