Manzanar Internment Camp 1 by Michael Mirabito
Leaf Mosaic by Barry Guthertz
Untitled 9 by Eunice Eunjin Oh
Heavenly Mist by Rita Pignato
Boy With Jug and I Love Edwin by Jack Feder
Myaaka Intercoastal by Richard Chirichillo
Martial Arts Warriors 3 by Marc Ayres
Untitled 4 by Karen Curran
Atlantis by Barbara Warren
Backwards by Jim Lustenader
Untitled 6 by Liane M. Budden
Focus #12 by Bill Cameron
Finding Kunta Kinte by Julian Martinez-Escobar
Sylt 9 by Jurgen Grade
Untitled 5 by Anne De Geer
Natalia Szroeder by Grzegorz Wojcik
Panoramic Archi 05 by Silvestre Machado
Journey Between Water and Sky # 10 Pian Di Spagna by Alberto Bianchi
After Bath by Swee Hoe Lim
Lock and Dam by David Patterson
Lincoln Street by Robert M. Currier
Bristle Cone Pines by Thomas Winter
IRB Watching Competition on Beam Excel Platinum by Martin I. Boyer
Colocasia 9 by Beamie Young
Lynx by Scott Hoyle
NCAR Mesa Laboratory by Shaun Bonneau
Timeless 10 by Fred van Veluw
4 Champion Swiss by William Bullard
Central Park Love by Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest
Disney Concert Hall 8 by John H. Cho
Jwlhyfer by Richard Man
Whisp by Aaron Henry
The Fake 06 by Chi Kwon Choi
Bottle Up and Go by Laurits Haaning
Angry Bison 1 by Craig T. Patterson
Cuba #10 by Scott Clarke
Unhinged by David Martin
Maple Leaf by Thomas Wells
Cumbres & Toltec Railroad 08 by Jim Shoemaker
Drift 1 by Robert Julei
Exodus II by Steve Zmak
Mia Morrisette 2 by Richard Podolny
11 by Mary Doering
Allegheny Ridge by Eric Williams
Bayou 1 by Michael  D. Winters
Fall's Elegy - Still Reaching by Elizabeth Craven
3-Agave Victoria-Reginae 'White Rhino' by Brian Grandfield
Water Series #1 by Larry  Gregory
Guggenheim New York by Gwen Solomon
Fiordland 1 by Mihai Florea