Ross Errilly Friary by Kaye Carr Hargis
No Dishes by Jeff Bader
That Sinking Feeling by David Guidas
Monastery Cloister by Tom Green
Charles Bridge Tower by Rik Palm
Stuff by Norton P. Remes
Chiton by Larry E. Jones
River Front by Philip Gornicki
Machine Belts & Rings by Marj Green
Pulley Stack by Tom Green
The Swingers by Rajan Varadan
Libations by Geoffrey Ward
Shingou to Fubuki by Larry Chan
Toccare Base by Robb Johnson
Bar Stool #1 by Tom Kirkendall
NO Skate Boarding Allowed by Carole Usdan
Organ by Raymond Germann
Fence Line by Jean Wibbens
The Reach by Shelley Vandegrift
Window To The Outside by Arthur J. Ammann
Auto Abstract by Steven Greenbaum
The Grainery by Joe Puglisi