B&W: 2017 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Rainbow by Stan Singer
Forms Storage by Tom Green
Free by Alan Wood
Old School Desktops by Alan Wood
Fourth Window by Joe Washington
Citron DX by Stephen Hodgetts
Absence 1 by Daniela Gobetti
Marina by Kevin B. Jones
Better Days by Bill Sinkovich
Window Boxes by Marj Green
Warehouse Fan by Julie M. Smythe
Fireplace Portrait by Malcolm Sinclair Lobban
Untitled 4 by Thomas Azevedo
HassanII Mosque by Joan Moir
Dunes by Rafal Maleszyk
Well Worn by Tom Green
Abandoned by Arthur J. Ammann
The Prolifik by Ari Plosker
Out of the Fog by Visti Kjar
Umbrella by Brian Gilwee
Open to the Sky by Abigail Gossage
The Art Critic by Stefano Sagri
Abandoned Homsteader Cabin by Larry Kjorvestad
Roller in the Snow by William Gleeson
Peeling Through the Years by David Guidas
Low miles almost new by Larry Colby
Teapots Twins by Marj Green
Summer by Lu Zhang
America's Sails by Kathy Conway
Posted by Dean Smith
Buddha Touching Earth by David Ruderman
This Wind Mill Takes A Rain Check by Marshall Gould
A Light Touch by Sophie Mosimann
Reflections of Power by Robert Schwiebert