Concrete Factory Piping by Gary Alba
Heavy Metal by John Eaton
Abandoned Homestead by Mary Doering
Untitled 10 by T. Brian Hager
Metal Screw by Stuart Lieberman
Three Windows by Joe Washington
Bodega in Disrepair by Rajan Varadan
Iron by Ben Barnes
Untitled 3 by Thomas Azevedo
Waiting for Hometime by Scott Fowler
Railing #2 by Tom Kirkendall
Ferris Wheel by Perry McNeal
P-3s In Thunderstorm by Donald R. Eaton
Silk Twins by Tom Green
Two Girls by Carole Usdan
Shadow Phantom by Bob Baker
Rumpled Quilt by Kaye Carr Hargis
Heart by Mary Woodman
Carousel Raceway by Joe Puglisi
Twelve Stars by Kaye Carr Hargis
Market Street Bench by Roger Lieberman
South Western Architecture by Philip Gornicki
Skull by Justin Ciccarello
Flight Path by Marshall Gould
Wind Farm by Philip Metcalf
Railing #1 by Tom Kirkendall
Unlock your Soul by Mary Rosevear McNeal
Untitled 2 by Alvaro Alvarado
Absence 3 by Daniela Gobetti
Cherub and Saint by Robert Hewgley
Untitled 2 by William Acosta
Wall Switch in Sun Light by Rajan Varadan
Let's Go Shopping by Stefano Sagri
Bench Shadow by Tony Williams
3D Willie by Marshall Gould
Dory by Mary Woodman
Grinder by Marj Green
Umbrellas by Norman Robbins
Untitled 3 by Erin Bechtold
The Meeting by Brian Gilwee
Ghost Boxes by Tom Green
Advanced Theoretical Physics Building by Sara Yerkes
A Walk Around McKinney Downtown 2 by Larry Chan
The Water Tower by Ray Schneider
Joy Joy Joy by Bernard Werner
Double Head Doll by Marilyn Canning
Untitled 16 by William Acosta
Domtar Window by Abigail Gossage
Music Mask by John R. Kuhn, Jr.