B&W: 2017 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Dog Sitting on Wooden Planter by Jim McKinniss
Awakening by Joan Moir
Barn by Ben Barnes
Calm Start by Eric Williams
Untitled 3 by Burt Allen Solomon
John Lennon Wall by Rik Palm rik@palm.biz
Locomotive 6064 by Stephen Hodgetts
Untitled 2 by Thomas Azevedo
Truck Shadow by Roger Lieberman
Fageol by Robert Schwiebert
Dollar General by Barbara Warren
Fuel and Smoke by Shaun M. Niles
Waterfall Terace by Robert Hewgley
Empty Wagon by Arthur J. Ammann
Ship Wreck by Cris Constantinescu
Praying by the Sea by Allan R. Lamb
Kitch by Beamie Young
Grand Army Plaza by William Santagata
Escaped by Kaye Carr Hargis
Hats by Larry Gale
Untitled Dream No.23 by Stefano Sagri
Tables & Chairs by Scott Hoyle
Wine Demijohns by Carlos V. Caruso
Bar Stool #2 by Tom Kirkendall
Distance from Las Vegas by Sandra L. Marshall
Plastic Sky by Rafal Maleszyk
Lost by Lee Grossman
Waterfront 04 by Shaun M. Niles
No Parking by Sylvie Pinsonneault
Cadillac Ranch 1 by John Lewis
Drape by Constance Vepstas
A Show Of Hands by Marshall Gould
Dead Tree by Dave Johns