Bird of Lace by Carol H. MacLeod
Flora 9 by Gordon Middleton
Chair 5 by Michael Berry
Crawlspace by Lauren Howes
Hitchcock Moment by Mara Catalan
Magnolia Seeds by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Winter Oak by David Ruderman
The Star's Contrail by Elijah Pettet
Times Square Babes by Carl Rubino
Mushroom Trinity by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Mannequin Window Reflection #491 by Carl Rubino
Neighborhood Barbershop by Heather McAlister
Another Place by Ian Furlong
Facing North by Carol H. MacLeod
Quiet by Elizabeth Siegried
Bellevue Hospital by Mayumi Yoshimaru
Untitled by Carole Usdan
iPhone Seascape #1 by Carol H. MacLeod
Mantiss by Rachel Smythe
Petrie Court by Michael Lang
Gateway by Ricardo de Vicq
Prospect Park by Bill Livingston
Looking  Past The Bushes by Jerry Kay
Dorothy's House by Lauren Howes
Subliminal by Heather McAlister
Untitled 1 by Jarmo Honkanen
Fabric Abstraction by Jerry Kay
Vision by Heather McAlister
Poise by Heather McAlister
East River by Mayumi Yoshimaru
Anomaly 33 by Susan Jacobs
Victoria Lake by Liz Palm
Cara Mia 4852 by Mark McCarty
Cara Mia 3553 by Mark McCarty