Morning Midst by Thomas Phoon
Koala in the Dark by Annette Willis
State and Lake CTA Diptic View of Chicago Theatre Marquee by Matthew Maldre
Pope John Paul 2 by Mark Ferguson
Thick Cataract Glasses B&W by Mark Justin Weiss
Parting by Mark Ferguson
An American Story by Kathy Conway
Static  Discharge by Visti Kjar
Untitled 1 by Nicole Lee
Untitled 2 by Angela Casagrande
Lily Pads by Wendi Schneider
Shoe Shine by Jerry Kay
Afternoon Light by Liz Palm
Walk to The Door by Jerry Kay
Zoapan Girl by Mark Ferguson
Untitled by Abigail Wellman
Heading Home by Angela Casagrande
Mushroom on a Stump by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Pope by Rachel Smythe
Locker Room B & W by Mark Justin Weiss
Turistskaya Ulitsa by Zachary Chroust
Butterfly Dance by Liane M. Budden
Floating by Heather McAlister
Mushroom in the Grass by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Untitled by Jerry Kay
Women by Liz Palm
Untitled #3 by Jerry Kay
Facing the Music #331 by Carl Rubino
Zoo Penguin by Robert Karacic
An American Story by Kathy Conway
Driving by the Dunes by Rebecca Bruyn
Benches by Laura Hopkins
Resistance by Jose Paulo Andrade
10 40 am by Adrian Tirteu