Untitled by Heather McAlister
The Aftermath by Sita Mae
Steam by Michael Berry
Marcy Barn #861 by Carl Rubino
Sheeps by Liz Palm
Into The Looking Glass by Mary Doering
Rainy Windshield by Michael Berry
Phoenicia Diner by Bill Livingston
Rend by Elijah Pettet
Triptych Flow No 2-UnknownLocation-UnknownYear by Misha Gregory Macaw
Thriftstore Mary by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
34th St. Entrance by Sam Ward
Tree by Tyler Vance
Outlet by Robert Karacic
Looking Out by Elijah Pettet
The Conversation by Annette Willis
Kaleidoscope of Boats Passing under Michigan Avenue Bridge by Matthew Maldre
Pikes Peak by Zachary Chroust
Tree Reflection by Jerry Kay
Wayward Wind by Lauren Howes
Inside the Barn #180 by Carl Rubino
Diving Tower by Liz Palm
Odd Fellows Hall by Rebecca Bruyn
Chinatown Deli Window Reflection by Carl Rubino
Sensitive Fern by Susan Jacobs
Lonesome Cowboy by Ron Rothenberg
Room 311 by Sita Mae
Where Winter Lies Down by Susan Jacobs
Untitled 1 by Angela Casagrande
Untitled 2 by Ann Cathrin Buchardt
Pots by Carol H. MacLeod
Column by Laura Hopkins
Classical versus Contemporary Handrails by Matthew Maldre
Untitled 6 by Ann Cathrin Buchardt