B&W: 2016 Looking Back – Looking Forward

Point Reflections Sun Print Famoso Motel 6 Grasses Untitled 2 Still Life 1 Untitled 5 WW 1 War Memorial #4 Vimy Ridge (Holga) Daisy 3. Double-decker Bus Clematis (Holga) Wind Lean Rain City and Clouds Close to the River Finkl & Sons Co Hat Another Place (Holga) Old Pathfinder Dam East River Morning Snow The Mask Untitled 2 Gas Food Gas Walkway Seattle Center Kayaks Vision Lady in Black 2 62nd Street Untitled 4 WW 1 War Memorial #2 Vimy Ridge Ingersoll Rand Gehry-Building on Novartis Campus An American Story The Blue Door Bride with Beer