Ad Infinitum by Peter Kurdulija
Televised by Stephanie Lehr
Crawl by Melissa Brown
Bro Ken by Adam Bickel
Power by Tyler Vance
Ranchos de Taos Church by Jennifer Van Gilder
Fishing Boat by Chantal Sanscartier
Odd and Evens by Elizabeth Milward
Juan Miro's Workshop by John Lewis
Swings by Shinya Ichikawa
Hang in There by Elizabeth Milward
Directions by Don Russell
Mass Production by William Olivet-Gallo
Time #1 by Thomas Nero
March 25th - 1952 by Herminio Alberti
Architettura ieri oggi by Massimo Pedriali
Steel Tubes by Scott Hoyle
Retired Bus by Tom Green
Door to Twilight Zone by Robert Schwiebert
Chair in Hiding by Karen Hanley Colbert
No Show by Wilco Dragt
Homage to the Sheepmen by Ari Plosker
Shed by Chantal Sanscartier
Turn Left by Don Russell
A Sampan Came For Fishing Before Daybreak by Adam Tan
Cement Truck by Megan Ralph
12 Metre Racing by Larry Colby
Desolation by William Olivet-Gallo
In and Out Again by David Guidas
Temple by Gilbert Maker
Shed by Steve Burkett
Early Morning by David E. Mullen
Goldfield Broken Window by Bob Neiman
Comes with Spares by Tom Green
Solitude by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
The Mission No.6 by Philip Gornicki
Trap Door by Marj Green
Picket Fence by Jim McMahen
Window Pears by Ernie Husulak
Clean Sweep by Marj Green
Valle zanzare st 147 by Massimo Pedriali
Storm by Jefflin Ling
Checkmate by Dan Richard Barber
Parisian Love Locks by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Enigmatic Figure by Norman Press
Exploding With Knowledge by Sue Henry
Road to Eternity by Bjarne Holmgren
Neptune by Stephane Graciet
Rail Yard Window by Virginia J. Mahan
Ophelia's Smile by Marilyn M. Baldi