Engine Stall by Ali Shahrouzi
Cold Winter Morning by Frang Dushaj
Beachhenge by Gale Nobes
Birth by Yusuf Kidwai
After by Michele Usher
Sea Shack by Sugoto Mukherjee
LaSalle Blackwall Tire by Neil Marcello
Untitled 1 by Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris
Untitled by Archie Hamilton
Curves by Errick L. Cameron
Havana Grill by Natasha Chadwick
Ghost Ship by Mihai Florea
Inside Bodie 1 by Ron Discipulo
425 by Jim Bourne
Eternal Life by Olga Rook
Powerlines by Gianna King
Balcony by Larry Mendenhall
Drying Coats by Don Bierman
Apple by Simon Laufer
Permanent Residence by Yoong Wah Alex Wong
Untitled 1 by Duncan Oja
Slide 1 by Adam Williams
Buckboard by John F. Simpson
Boat Tenders by Willow Brown
Broken Window by Jerry Marsico
Danchi 4 by Shoko Atsuchi
Basket and Weeds by Robin Rielly
Kaanapali 1 by Gregory Poulos
No War by Fred Runkel
Coal Breaker Exit by Joel Anderson
Untitled 10 by Eurico Salis
Babel Burn 1 by Jerome Klingenfus
Do Not Conform Any Longer by Melanie Monterey Eyth
Fence by Thomas Winter
Untitled 8 by Storm Sermay
Chasing Storms by Lisa Folino
Branch-Framed Cross by Norman Press
ER by Christopher Meseke
Head Games by Robert A. Levine
Aggregate and Wall by David E. Wensel
Shadow Power by George Saines
Silver Slipper by Jim Haas
Arched Transom Window by Mark Balcom-Wolf
Something Happened by Hakan Freden
Calmness by Noe Cosme
Angels and Saints  1 by Jack Curran