Iron Design 2 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
Clarion Alley #2 by Mitch Nelles
Impression 2 by Eugeniusz Kumorek
Lost Souls #5 by Chong K. Choon
Bicycle Pedal Oradour Sur Glane France 2013 by Alain Labbe
The Heat Geometries 3 by Roberto Frieri
Element 1 by Allan R. Lamb
Decomposing America XXV by Perry J. Resnick
Found Skull by Ronald Reimer
Abstract-2 by Alan Hans
Untitled 11 by Duncan Oja
Exuberant Cornice by James S. Heuer
Crow's Nest by RW Hawkins
Reflected by Linda Whitney
Untitled 16 by Ed Drake
Iwo Jima Monument by Charly McConnell
Old and Older Energy by Doug Bisson
Eternal Life by Olga Rook
Stretch by Dominic Martello
Katsura Tree and Tombstones by Charles C. Berkeley
Beach Fences 5287 Jones Beach by Bob Neiman
Angels and Saints 9 by Jack Curran
Park Bench by Robert Voorhees
Slide 14 by Adam Williams
Infrared #8. Florida by Hal Kaye
North of Route 80-006 by R.D. Smith
New Jersey Meadowlands 12 by Michael R. Stimola
Boat Tenders by Willow Brown
Then the Wheels Fell Off by Larry Dennis
Buckboard by John F. Simpson
Car Wreck 1 by Bjorn Bjornson
Mall by Tobin Lanzl
Devon's Barn by Kathleen A. Sletten
Cell Bed by Jerry Marsico
Moving Car With Signals by Nick Fury
Creature of the Night by Matthew Angley
Memorial Park by Robert Lee Clark
Horse Tasting Light by Lau Haaning
Guest Room by Barbara D. Richards
Ancient Stone House by Phillip A. Windell
Mulberry Song by Eloise Patrick
The Kiss by Michael Skaggs
Life in the W 3 by Jerry Whitty
Yanggum (Struck Zither) by Jim Sinsheimer
Boarded Window by Michael Parvin
Two Turns by Jeff Sinnock
Vizcaya 6 by Rita Pignato
The More That Is Taken Away - Trenches and Watchtower by Ben Altman
Obsolete Mannequin #1 by Jim McKinnis
Suit of Light by Jackson Nichols