B&W: 2014 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Untitled 5 by Stephane Graciet
Antique Doll in Obsolete Store #1 by Jim McKinnis
Engine 40 by Chelynn Sheehan
Creature of the Night by Matthew Angley
Benches by Alan H. Simmons
Another Dock Photo by Jesse J. McClear
Hand and Lace by Paul Kiernan
White Bench by Olivier Du Tre
Four Towers by Kirk Marshall
Door With Broken Glass by Jim Hanks
Curtain by Jeff Sinnock
Painting with Gray Light by Chris Townsend
Dark Flowers by Kellie Robertson
Atlantic Ocean by Barbara S. Breen
Waterfront Found Objects 1 by Laura DeNardo
Addio Farewell by Eloise Patrick
Valiant Warrior by Richard Quesnel
Decomposing America II by Perry J. Resnick
Boat Shed by James S. Heuer
Untitled 01 by Hui-won Ryu
Bottle by Linda Whitney
A Spoon by Mark Drew
Leopoldina Railway 5 by Jose Roberto Pedroza
The More That Is Taken Away - Camera Shadow by Ben Altman
Boat and Sky by Robert Lee Clark
Black and White by Nash Lawrason
Looking Over Overlook by Erin and Steven Reeves
Moving Car with Signals by Nick Fury
Car by Tobin Lanzl
Untitled 26 by Ed Drake
82188 Trona Rd. by Robert Voorhees
Flowers and Hat by Wayne D. Buhr
Auto in Forest by Richard Wilkie
Paul and Ringo by Scott Barnes