B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Abondoned Car by Darryl Godfrey
Game Over by Anthony D. Stone
Dark Angel by Tyler Harry Kjar
All_is_said by Marie Juliette Aziz
1696 by Brian T. Adams
Abandoned 1 by Renee Lowery
4. Virgin Mary by Carlos Saavedra
Beheaded by Josefina Rodriguez Marxuach
Eggshell 1 by Bil Laschke
The apparitions by Ricardo Vinos
Potting Shed 1 England Uk 2012 by Jasmine Cottage
Offerings by Kay Schenel
'53 Chevy by Bruce Rathbun
NeckTies + FretBoards 1 by Hector Suarez
Untitled 11 Western NSW 2011 by Paul Dorahy
Bent Tubing by Jim Tucker
Untitled 10 by Horacio Hernandez A.
Alley1 by Ken Sklute
End of Ave J 6 by Erin McGuire
Buffalo Sky by Bailey Ann Rosen
Front Yard by Mark P. Taylor
Dobro by Anthony L. Posey
The Tin Men by Steve Silverman
Abandoned by Kevin Bruce Parent
Eero Saarinen TWA Terminal by Sandra Canning
Got Soap by Scott Matthews
Empty House 2 by Sherrylou Blower
Bolts and Nuts by Jeannette Serrat
#22 by Myron Slabaugh
Castle Guardian by Douglas T. Braddock
Streets of Asia 3 by Leo Pelletier
Inside a hut.Valley Forge.2012 by Jeffrey S. Oates
Cigar Store Indian by Kyle J. Zeringue
1 by Clair Mallett