B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Another dimension - bicycle by J. Scott  Pollock
Centro de Fotographia by Sarah Kathleen Derr
76 Pump by Harry O'Connor
Lilly and Sun by Mitsu Yoshikawa
Into the Mist by MariAnne MacGregor
Untitled 10 by Rich Smukler
In the Garden 1 by Marie Jonsson
Arm Chair by Robert Rohn
SL137. Los Angeles by Gregory Talley
Fishermans Tools by Jan Pedersen
silent guests 1 by William Bannink
Diana #1 by Robert Hopkins
Archaic by Pat Parth
A Chair by Her Bed by Robb Johnson
End of The Line by Michael D. Frey
Abandoned Asheville by Kyle Willson
House by Nathan Caplan
House #10 by Richard Tucker
Door Red Hill Ranch 428 by Marty Knapp
Solemn Symmetry by Jon A. Soliday
38788 by David S. Hansen
Alley Mattress by Susan Gendron
Arboles Bogotá by Jorge Cruz
Breaking Bread by Mark A. Smith
Coney Island by Steven F. Dansky
Black Square by Terence Falk
Hats by Luciano Del Bufalo
And Pose by Terry Scopelliti
Never to forget Holocaust (1) by Jurgen Grade
Abandoned Auditorium by Adam Plucinski
Clear Bottle with Shadow by Eric Fisher
Chair by Arie Kristal
Burano1 by Steve Burkett
Barn Star  Parkersburg WV  2001 by Robert E. Phipps
Don't Eat The Pears by True Brescia
Scultpure by Pamela Sweet
Tuileries Gardens by David P. Martin
Stream by Zolbayar Uguumursaikhan
HandItOver by Janine Sprout
Tree & Lamp by William Wiebesiek
Solivitur Ambulando (It is Solved by Walking) by Natasha Milijasevic
Untitled-1 by Jerry Manning
Phoenix by Bibiana Petrera
untitled10_Burlington by Kenneth C. Evans
The Dollhouse 1 Olympia by Wayne Kritsberg
Open Plains to Rocky Ford by William Weber
Bicycles by T. Eric Henne
19273 10 by Ken Sullins
Morning kayoker by Liyun Yu
4 Casablanca Bar by Edward C. Siarkowicz